Say "sausages"!

What do you do when your customers would rather not taste your product? You get creative. This campaign used experience and education to show Lily’s Kitchen customers just how natural and delicious its pet food is.

Pet-lovers visited our real-life version of Lily’s Kitchen, hosted by retailer Pets at Home. They experienced the brand's journey through a giant storybook, then checked out the all-natural ingredients displayed on the kitchen worktop. If you're not up for tasting the food yourself, surely seeing and smelling the ingredients is the next-best thing!

And we didn't forget about our four-legged consumers; dogs out shopping with their humans were able to pose for an adorable photo. Irresistible!

Customers took home a dog or cat 'bag for life' to remind them of their visit to Lily’s Kitchen. Dog-lovers were clearly out in force, taking home almost 50% more bags than cat fans.

Pets at Home stores also hosted Lily's Kitchen 'sampling' stands (again, no humans were asked to taste pet food in the making of this campaign), giving customers an up-close opportunity to see and smell the top-quality, nutritious ingredients that go into Lily's Kitchen products.


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An up-close opportunity to see and smell the top-quality ingredients.

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