Coca-Cola Signature Mixers
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The challenge

Award-winning mixologist Max Venning worked with Coca-Cola to curate the Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Smoky Notes, one of four new mixers from Coca-Cola that are crafted to match perfectly with dark spirits.

Insight & Strategy

To demonstrate the new flavours in their natural habitat, we created a series of speakeasy-style bar takeovers around London and Manchester. Max took centre stage, leading mixology masterclasses on creating the perfectly paired drink at home.


For one night each, the popular bars were redecorated with neon lights, displays of featured ingredients and an ultra-smooth vibe, aided by a live jazz performance


Guests were treated to a free mixed beverage and the chance to learn from expert mixer Max Venning. Nice.


sip samples handed out


masterclass students

“This has been an incredible experience!”
The End
More coming soon!