Cadbury Secret Santa
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The challenge

To drive sales of Cadbury Dairy Milk by invoking a sense of generosity and surprise.

Insight & Strategy

Acts of generosity result in feel good satisfaction in the giver (in this case, the customer) and put a smile on the receiver (in this case there were two benefactors:  The Trussell Trust – nationwide network of food banks and also the chocolate lover in the customer’s life).


This campaign gave the consumer the chance to play SecretSanta twice.

By buying £5-worth of chocolate, the customer received everything they needed to gift the chocolate to a chocolate-loving loved one.

At the same time they were asked if they’d like to treat someone who could really benefit from a pick-me-up chocolate surprise – that would be a someone who received one of the Trussell Trust food bank boxes and found the little bar of luxury within it.



gifts distributed


chocolate donations to Trussell Trust


customers engaged
The End
More coming soon!