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The challenge

How do you improve sales and get your product into the hands of new consumers when you're Coca-Cola, already one of the best-known brands on the planet?


Enter N2O & Amazon. 

Insight & Strategy

With 80% of the UK population interacting with Amazon monthly, their first-party data gives accurate information about what their customers shop for, listen to and stream.

Our idea was to use Amazon’s audience data, plus our world-class sampling expertise, to create laser-focused audience targeting to get Coca-Cola samples into the hands of the right consumers on a colossal scale.

The strategy was to create a brand-new audience-first Opt-In campaign to reach a specific Coca-Cola Zero Sugar audience.

The best part? The Opt-In model meant only customers identified as the “perfect audience” could claim their sample.

Bye-bye wasted samples, hello supremely successful targeting!


We engaged with an audience of refreshment seekers, music and movie lovers and snacking foodies (among others). Then, creating a dynamic targeted ad, we encouraged the consumer to sign up for a free Coca-Cola sample.

Customers followed a link to our branded landing page, where they registered their details for a sample request. We sent a sample to every single person who asked for one, delivered in premium quality customisable branded packaging, encouraging sales with coupons.

After sampling, we sent customers a survey about their experience. Amazon also retargeted with an eCommerce ad to drive sales conversion. Finally, IRi tracked online and offline purchases post-sampling, plus coupon redemption, with nearly unbelievable results...



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