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The challenge

Coca-Cola wanted to connect with consumers at a time of peculiar disconnect brought about by constraints the Coronavirus pandemic put on business. The message Coke wanted to spread was one of hope.

Insight & Strategy

Most doors were closed to opportunity at the time of the campaign in 2020, but the sector that continued to work during all restrictions was the home-delivery food service. That was key to the campaign. Coca-Cola was able to harness the power of 500+ restaurant partners, as well as Deliveroo, Just Eat & Uber Eats, to deliver limited edition, full-size cans of CokeZero straight to home addresses across London.

Appreciation of the free gift with dinner was substantial from the targeted audience who loved the surprise that arrived with their dinner and were inspired by the creative that came with it, encouraging them to build abetter future. Coca-Cola helped stir a desire in people to come out of theCovid crisis more tolerant, more empathetic and more open, using the hashtag #open to better on the cans.


Samples of Coke Zero stamped with the hashtag #opentobetter were delivered in paper carrier bags, branded with a ‘What’s your resolution?’tagline. These had all been distributed to restaurants and warehouses so that every time a home delivery meal was ready for a customer, staff popped a can of CokeZero into one of the designed bags and added it to the order.

The restaurants and food delivery companies were so delighted by customer reaction to the surprise addition to their order that many shared news of the campaign on their own social media accounts. In doing so they organically grew awareness of the Coke #opentobetter story.


Over 150,000samples arrived with home delivery orders

500+restaurant partners participated

£4.2million worth of orders were accompanied by a sample

37%restaurant partners saw a raise in their ratings

Restaurant partners loved the activation and shared the campaign on their own social media channels.


samples delivered


restaurant partners


samples with evening meal
The End
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