Coke – Smart Mass Sampling via Amazon
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The challenge

To drive trial of Coke Zero Sugar, encourage shoppers to buy large pack sizes on Amazon for the first time, and to generate a sales uplift in stores.

Insight & Strategy

We took the known passion points of Coke audiences and used our partnership with Amazon and their first-party database to reach a highly relevant and unique audience for sampling at scale.


Targeting 100k households we developed a contactless, consent-based customer journey to ensure that samples were desired, expected and received and then drove purchase on and offline.

Targeted recipient  received email from Amazon saying that they may be eligible for a sample – are they interested Y/N – (If N then no further contact).

If Y recipient received email saying that they  would be receiving their sample in the next few days.

Near to dispatch of sample recipient  received email to remind them to expect their sample.

Sample  arrived with two drives to purchase. One, a digital voucher that  could be used on Amazon to get a 30% discount on a case and secondly a voucher to be used instore for the same discount. Both could be tracked and measured.

Amazon display ads were run alongside sampling to boost awareness.


The Coke Zero sample was trialled by 96% of recipients with49% of them going on to make a purchase. Of those who didn’t make a purchase immediately after receiving the sample, 54% intended to do so in the  following 6 months.


% online purchasers new-to-brand


% would recommend product to a friend


% offline purchases
The End
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