Brand discovery at the county show.

If there’s one thing experiential marketing does well (and believe me, there’s more than one thing), it’s targeting.

In this campaign for Hill’s Pet Food, we didn’t wait for pet owners to come to us. We went and found them.

Our research led us to 6 county shows where at least 3 out of every 4 attendees owned a dog. From May to November 2019 we travelled the country, introducing thousands of potential customers to Hill’s, a premium pet food brand that takes a science-led approach to animal nutrition.

Visitors to the stand were treated to an immersive VR experience that showed them the world through the eyes of their pet. They also tried a digital product selector and answered questions to discover their pet’s ideal weight.

And while the grown-ups learned about the benefits of Hill’s, the children were kept amused with face painting.


of show attendees owned a dog


of stand visitors took a sample


more samples than targeted

“There’s something for everyone!”

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