Flavour is made to be explored

Would you eat a dessert made with mustard?

You should. It’s *chef’s kiss*.

That’s what consumers discovered at Maille’s ‘Mustard in Desserts’ masterclass, hosted by the world’s only mustard sommelier, Harry Lalousis.

At food shows all over the UK, Lalousis guided foodies and boutique retailers on a surprising journey, exploring the varieties of Maille mustard and the ways to pair it with food and drink.

Guests tasted the astonishingly wide variety of Maille mustards at the iconic black Maille van, then headed to the Maille boutique, where special show-day offers, as well as a free hand-crafted wooden mustard spoon with every purchase, made it all-too-tempting to buy.


masterclass attendees


Good Food Show attendees

270 year

brand history

With a 270-year history, Maille is a brand oozing with heritage and overflowing with craftsmanship. The distinctive black Maille van, and a stand dressed in black, gold and natural wood, helped tell this story to consumers, who by the end of the Maille tasting experience were keen as … well, you know…

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