In store

Garden Gourmet

The challenge

To create an experience that raised awareness of GardenGourmet products,  changed perceptions about cooking and preparing vegan food and  encouraged trial at home.

Insight & Strategy

With the advancement of mobile cameras, Augmented Reality (AR) via QR codes has become increasingly accessible. Combine that with thee xponential growth in interest for plant-based foods and engagement with cook-alongs, and it  provides the perfect opportunity to develop a targeted strategy harnessing this emerging technology to disrupt and engage the consumer in a unique instore and at home activation.


An eye-catching branded display, with a mixture of healthy lifestyle and product cues was positioned in aisle. Brand Ambassadors engaged with customers inspiring them to make the switch to a meatless meal once a week in 2022.

The journey began with an introductory AR experience activated via a QR code located on the ASU. A takeaway leaflet featuring a tasty recipe was provided , encouraging customers to find the ingredients instore.

Customers were given a scannable voucher for immediate use on selected products which were also signposted in aisle by shelf talkers.

A QR code found on the takeaway leaflet revealed a virtual AR cook-along experience with @Ella_vegan  all in the comfort of the customer’s own home!

The AR experience demonstrated how to make vegan ‘Piadine Wraps’ using the Garden Gourmet products purchased in store.

Customers were then encouraged to share their creations on social media using the hashtags #Whatevertarian and #PlantPower.


Brand awareness was measurably increased by the activation with more than 70% of customers saying that they had not heard of or triedGarden Gourmet products before receiving a leaflet.

 Appreciation of the AR concept via the QR code was high with 67% of engaged customers liking or loving it.

‘I love the AR feature on the phone, makes cooking that bit more enjoyable. I might even start following Ella on Instagram as well now.’


activity days


customers approached


leaflets distributed
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