Russell Hobbs Air Fryers
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The challenge

With many brands putting out air fryers left, right, and centre, Russell Hobbs wanted to claim the top spot as the go-to choice for budding food enthusiasts.

Russell Hobbs had never driven people to their consumer-facing website before (only trade). But now, they wanted a social campaign that would achieve B2C awareness.

Air fryers are in-demand cookware essentials, but most people are unaware that they do more than fry delicious chips. This campaign would promote the new range and the versatility of the Russell Hobbs fryers in an oversaturated market.

Insight & Strategy

Our insights show that 37% of users look to TikTok to discover new products, with 72% saying that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We found that campaigns with diverse representation are 24 times likelier to be shared than those without.

Plus, 80% of shoppers say they are likelier to purchase if a discount or promotion is available.

We wanted to create a social media experience with diverse content creators to appeal to a broad audience, highlighting different cuisines and influencer personalities to demonstrate the range’s versatility.

We’d support this campaign with a discount code to encourage sales.


This is the Russell Hobbs Air Fryer Influencer campaign.

An insanely effective social campaign that took the Russell Hobbs air fryer range and made them into a jazzy jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen with charismatic content creators showing Instagram followers how to create a range of recipes to tantalise their tastebuds.

We tasked six foodie content creators, from plant-based @jensplantbase to burrito enthusiast @elburritomonster, to create two Instagram videos over a month (12 content posts total).

Featuring one of the Russell Hobbs air fryers as the star of the kitchen experience, the creators showed how to create tasty, convenient dishes in easy-to-follow step-by-step reels. Using six influencers with different cooking styles, we highlighted the range’s versatility, showing people can use the air fryers for cooking chips, fish, cakes, steak – anything they want! – in any environment that suits them, whether in a traditional kitchen setting or out in the great outdoors.



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