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The challenge

Sprite launched a new irresistible formula for Sprite Regular and Zero with a bold new look. They asked us to create a mass trial campaign to celebrate the launch and spread the word far and wide.

We had to carefully balance the budget and the number of samples while ensuring a playful, memorable consumer experience.

Insight & Strategy

The above-the-line for the new formula was “Heat Happens. Stay Cool with Sprite.” With 76% of employees reporting moderate to high-stress levels and 80% of those studying in higher education reporting symptoms of stress or anxiety, we aimed to help these large audience channels beat the heat with Sprite.

To maximise the target audience, we strategised four channels to hit as many people as possible with a cooling can of the new Sprite. Samples landed in food aggregators' delivery orders, workplaces and universities, supported by face-to-face sampling.

Accompanying every sample distributed, we planned to encourage further trial with a voucher for a free 500ml bottle.


We collaborated with chicken shops and restaurants that produced spicy food to offer refreshing samples to those looking to cool off after a hot meal.

At workplaces, we sampled in high-capacity offices such as Disney and Spotify, dropping samples and leaflets in receptions and communal areas for employees to grab on breaks.

At universities, we targeted halls of residences and delivered samples to student events like Fresher’s Week, when people were highly engaged and receptive to discovering new brands.

We supported these with face-to-face sampling on the streets of London, Brighton and Leeds, where Brand Ambassadors manned giant Sprite can bins brimming with samples, handing them out to the public and shouting about the new irresistible formula. We enticed people with a life-size Sprite pong game where players had to launch massive, squishy lemons and limes into either other's cans to win.

To gather vital data to measure the effectiveness of the mass sampling experience, we encouraged people to scan a QR code to complete a feedback survey to enter a prize draw.



Samples Distributed


Leaflets & Coupons Distributed


pence overall CPS (cost per sample)
The End
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