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The challenge

To promote the newly released Heineken Silver, an extra-refreshing premium lager.

Insight & Strategy

With the rise of online retail, brands need to work harder than ever to create memorable engaging experiences. One way to aid this is through the use of technology. Delivering fun and engaging in-store experiences with technology keeps customers engaged, encourages repeat purchase, and brand advocacy.

With this in mind and inspired by Heineken Silver’s above-the-line messaging emphasising its crisp flavour, subtle finish and natural ingredients, we designed an activation that would encourage participation and evoke a light, fresh taste experience. Because, who doesn’t want to push a big red button, that activates intriguing holographic technology in a Tesco foyer??


Placed in Tesco foyers for maximum visibility, the stand incorporated slick branding, holographic technology and – of course – the opportunity to taste.

Whilst enjoying a sip of ice-cold Heineken Silver, Tesco customers pressed the tantalising star-shaped button to start the holographic animation – a mix of action, intrigue, and visual immersion, all emphasised by the holographic display floating before their eyes.

Our Brand Ambassadors poured samples freshly for each customer to ensure a perfect crisp taste experience.

Running the activation as a touring roadshow allowed us to create a more exciting, rewarding experience for customers at each location, as the equipment could be reused again and again.





> customers engaged


+ samples distributed
The End
More coming soon!