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Cadbury asked us to develop an egg-citing in-store Easter experience at Tesco to bring its above-the-line Worldwide Hide campaign to life.  

But how to drive awareness and sales of HFSS-restricted Cadbury products over the Easter period when chocolate is at a premium?

With the Easter build-up short and sweet, we had a limited timeframe to create a successful campaign and maximise the pre-Easter period. With confectionery brands going head-to-head to secure the top spot for Easter egg choices, the challenge would lie in activating an experience that stood out from the crowd.

Insight & Strategy


Easter is a family-centric holiday, with 87% of people saying Easter is a time for families to come together. Celebrations often revolve around continuing family traditions, such as Easter egg hunts, egg decorating and meals.  

With 85% of parents more likely to choose a supermarket that offers a positive experience for their children to counteract the pressures of food shopping with younger children especially, we wanted to find a way to keep them occupied in a fun, unexpected manner.

Easter has a multi-generational appeal, spanning from children through to grandparents. With different generations interested in Easter activities, an age-inclusive experience would engage a broad target market.


Our experience would target families, focusing specifically on engaging children. We would create a memorable adventure, transforming a regular shopping trip into a fun family experience, allowing people to create memorable special moments with their loved ones.

Our aim with the experience was to boost brand awareness and loyalty without breaking HFSS rules around sampling. These tactics would organically uplift sales, with Cadbury at the forefront of people’s choices for Easter confectionery.

Additionally, we wanted to leverage social media to generate a buzz pre-event, encouraging attendees to share their experiences online to reach a broader audience.


Meet the Cadbury Easter Egg trail, hopping into stores to turn a regular shopping trip into a fun family adventure.

A four-step in-store Easter egg trail to excite the target audiences – families with children and Tesco customers. Those who found all four clues (and successfully solved them) got a Cadbury Caramel Egg, Easter Hide Guide and sticker sheet to help create their own Easter Egg Hide at home.

Pre-campaign, we launched a targeted ad campaign to generate excitement and drive footfall to Tesco stores.

We greeted shoppers in the foyer with a bespoke Cadbury stand, encouraging people to participate in the interactive Easter trail on their journey around the store. The trial kick-started here with a simple anagram to solve – unscramble the letters to spell out a word and begin their…


They then discovered three further clues on aisle fins around the store, from finding how many chicks are in an Easter basket with a phone flash reveal to solving a rhyming riddle to uncovering a touch-activated baby animal hiding in the bakery aisle.

Participants jotted down their answers on Cadbury purple Easter egg answer sheets, returning them to the foyer to claim their prize for four correct answers!

Additionally, we created content and designed the Hide Guide booklet, which was live on Cadbury’s site and as the in-store prize.

As such, we brought HFSS-restricted Cadbury to the front-of-store with an experience that yielded outstanding sales and awareness results.



customers reached with targeted ads


Cadbury Easter Egg trails completed


% Sales Uplift
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