Sustainability. Together Leading Change (TLC).

N2O’s sustainability programme (TLC)
focuses on the following areas:

Environment – how can we reduce our impact on the planet

Charity – what can we do to raise money and support charities

Community – where can we get involved in the local community

Workplace – how we look after our employees

At N2O, we make sustainability real. Our vision is that by working together – consumers, clients, agencies and employees – we can nurture a sustainable planet, sustainable communities and a sustainable economy.

  • Minimising the environmental impact of our corporate activities

  • Working hand-in-hand with our clients to minimise the environmental
    impact of our field operations

  • Supporting the rights, wellbeing and satisfaction of our workforce

  • Optimising our impact on the local community

  • Use creative solutions to boost effectiveness of our charity partnerships

Our approach

Our sustainability programme (also known as ‘TLC’) encompasses all our offices, warehouses and field operations. It applies to N2O’s employees and to those who do contract work with us. TLC is owned at Director-level. The Director is supported by a cross-company working group, which meets monthly to report progress and agree action points for the following month. We keep open lines of communication across the company, both to keep everyone updated with our progress, and to allow contributions and ideas.

One of our company’s focuses is a drive towards sustainability in the experiences we produce. We upcycle our stands for reuse at future events, store them in our warehouses, or donate them to local charities. For example, we donated the twelve stands we built for a Fox & Ivy campaign to the Slough Museum Trust. This volunteer-led charity uses our old exhibition kits to help educate residents and visitors on the town's medieval history. Reusing our stands is a brilliant way to take what would have been waste in our industry and creating a long-lasting social impact in another.

Our achievements

We are proud to be a certified Silver CSR Accredited Company. At a more local level, we are a member of Plastic-Free Maidenhead, and have taken steps to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, development support and wellbeing programme for employees. And we continue to support Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service and Wexham Park Hospital with charitable donations.