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The challenge

To reach the Diet Coke target audience which is the most cynical generation when it comes to traditional advertising.

Insight & Strategy

The same generation that is cynical as far as traditional advertising is concerned has also been the ‘victim’ of perfection: looking perfect, behaving perfectly, always being seen to be perfect.

We needed to provide a stand-out marketing experience that wasn’t perceived as advertising and would engage a younger demographic. At the same time we wanted to encourage them to get involved, have fun and stop worrying about being perfect.


We set up a huge Diet Coke Igloo in the middle of WestfieldsShopping Centre with a giant ball-pit containing 100,000 balls. Shoppers were encouraged to Put Perfect on Ice, jump in and find an imperfect silver ball, which won them a relaxation bundle including Diet Coke branded slippers, dressing gown and eye mask. So people who would usually be searching for perfection were looking for the exact opposite. We had four winners per day.And they loved it!

Everybody who visited the igloo were offered a complimentaryPolaroid - an everlasting memento of their experience.

Sustainability was an important element of the campaign.Alongside providing recycling facilities in and around the igloo we also ran an additional Plinko recycling game with crushed Diet Coke cans. Plinko winners received a sustainably sourced tote bag.


And all guests took home a polaroid memory of their experience.

Just like Diet Coke, we take sustainability seriously, so as well as plenty of recycling facilities, we offered customers the chance to win a prize in our ever-popular recycling plinko game.




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