Diet Coke’s target consumer is the most cynical generation when it comes to advertising. So we cut through the marketing noise by offering something of value – a free, shareable experience in our grown-up (but still seriously fun) ball pit slap bang in the middle of Westfield London.

Guests were amazed to discover that the Diet Coke Igloo contained a gigantic ball pit, where they could escape the packed shopping centre and jump into a world of fun. Customers forgot the quest for perfection and let loose for a moment, surrounded by nearly 100,000 balls!

The lucky guests who found an ‘imperfect’ silver ball amongst the rest were rewarded with a relaxation bundle, complete with Diet Coke slippers, dressings gowns, eye masks – the works.

And all guests took home a polaroid memory of their experience.

Just like Diet Coke, we take sustainability seriously, so as well as plenty of recycling facilities, we offered customers the chance to win a prize in our ever-popular recycling plinko game.

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