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Bring the enduring and iconic ‘Coca-Cola Christmas’ brand love to today’s product (Coke Zero Sugar) and consumer, via truck tour experiences that speak emotionally to Generation Z.

Insight & Strategy

Throughout 2021, people weren’t able to be together as much as they would like. Staying close with friends was hard, and we knew Gen Z needed help with reconnecting. So we decided on the concept of ‘friend dates’ – moments and settings that let our audiences nudge their friend connections closer. The goal was an emotional, candid moment that gives friendship a chance to shine, and a Gen Z audience a chance to ‘own’ Coke Christmas. We therefore wanted to deliver a dramatic bonding experience, fused with the magical aesthetic of Coke Christmas.


The experience was made up of two tours:

A. The Consumer Tour

This visited 12 key shopping centres from 24 November to 19 December 2021.

Our ‘Coke Christmas Quest’ experience allowed friends to work as a team to make their way through the Christmas trail to the iconic Coke Truck. It was gamified teamwork – with a hint of the unexpected – where our audience could complete challenges, win prizes and share moments.

B. The Store Tour

This reached supermarket customers at 8 locations from 6 to 16 December 2021.

This offered customers a highly giftable collector’s item to drive purchase - customers who bought a 4-pack of Coke Zero Sugar in glass bottles could have them personalised on exit. Freestanding display units around the store made it easy to spot the promotional product. We used a self-service kiosk at the personalisation station to ensure customers accurately entered their chosen names, which were then printed on their bottles while they waited.

Both tours were centred around a high-impact photo opportunity with the legendary Coca-Cola Christmas truck, where our audience once again had the opportunity to taste Coke Zero Sugar.


We re-awakened the Coke Christmas ideal by engaging with almost 46,000 people through the Coke Truck photo opportunity as well as teens and young adults with almost 15,000 taking on the challenge of the Coke Truck quest.

Over 28 days and 20 locations over 3,300 bottles were personalised and 241,296 samples of Coke Zero sugar which was 6% over target.

Throughout the tour we monitored all social media platforms for organic content. Over 1,000 posts were shared using the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing by consumers, site owners and local press that visited the truck, and they had a combined following of 2,397,055.


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