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The challenge

TRESemmé entrusted us with finding an innovative solution to promote its new Beauty-full hair care range.

They wanted an experience that heightened a regular sampling campaign to engage shoppers, raising awareness of the range and encouraging on-the-spot purchases.

To stand out in the highly competitive haircare market where multiple options are readily available, our challenge was to help TRESemmé differentiate itself and capture shoppers’ attention. As shoppers are often time-constrained with limited attention spans, we needed to find a way to communicate the USP – “99% less hair on your brush after continued use of the Beauty-full Strength range” – quickly and effectively.

We know consumers are often sceptical about trying new products because of established brand loyalties and haircare product preferences. Overcoming this scepticism and convincing shoppers to switch allegiance would be a big challenge.

Insight & Strategy

Our insights revealed that 73% of consumers prefer to test or touch a haircare product before purchasing it. Plus, live demonstrations and hands-on experiences can lead to a 475% increase in sales, as 78% of shoppers feel it provides tangible evidence of a product’s efficacy.

Personalisation is essential, with 80% of people likelier to purchase following a personalised brand experience.

With these illuminating stats and the challenges in mind, we formed our strategy around driving salon-quality hair directly to the shoppers, letting anyone transform into a TRESemmé model.

The Experience

The experience would centre around in-person hairstyling appointments, with expert stylists highlighting the range’s versatility while imparting practical care tips. Allowing attendees to get one-on-one consultations would turn their regular shopping trip into something more memorable while proving product efficacy and encouraging impulse sales.


We’d support the main activity with relevant sampling, increasing the likelihood of purchases and opportunities to leave a positive impression. We’d communicate the USPs fast and educate shoppers on how to use the range for maximum hair impact.

Taking the experience beyond the physical

We’d invite beauty content creators to visit the experience, participating in a styling session to spread the TRESemmé message to foster an organic online community for the brand. Plus, we’d make a visually impressive experience to encourage other attendees to share using a branded hashtag.

And to make the experience POP, we’d host it on board the bright pink Superdrug bus, stopping shoppers in their tracks and inviting them to get involved!


Parking the hot pink TRESemmé-branded bus front and centre outside Westfield Stratford City on a balmy June day, the magenta monolith soon attracted crowds and queues snaked around the bus for a styling session slot.

On board, the lower deck hosted the TRESemmé shop, stocked full of Beauty-full products to promote on-the-spot purchases.

Shoppers journeyed to the upper deck to enter the specially designed mobile TRESemmé salon. Here expert hair stylists demonstrated the new Beauty-full range by creating beautiful bouncy dos for attendees.

Out front, we enticed shoppers to show off their luscious locks at the branded photo op, inviting them to become new TRESemmé models, sharing the experience with followers online with the hashtag #salonworthyhair. Plus, the op design featured the Beauty-full range messaging and imagery, so it was shared on all social posts, spreading the USPs beyond the in-person activation.

We invited a curated list of content creators to build hype for the event, sharing their salon experience with millions of followers. We also tasked some to post before and after, with tutorial reels using the Beauty-full range.

Brand Ambassadors handed out smaller samples of the conditioner and serum, reaching a broader audience against the compelling backdrop of the branded bus.

For those who ventured in-store to purchase, we harnessed the power of personalisation by offering an incentive to shop. Anyone who spent £5 or more on TRESemmé products received an intricately engraved paddle brush.



customers engaged


full sized products sampled


brushes engraved
The End
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