Coca-Cola & Marvel Experience
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The challenge

On an urban street in London, an unassuming corner store appears.

Modelled on a New York bodega that wouldn’t be out of place in a Spiderman movie, the windows display nostalgic grocery posters, distressed shop shutters and faded Coca-Cola logos - the only clues that something unusual is happening here.

This is the super Coca-Cola/Marvel Entertainment “Best Corner Store” experience. An immersive blockbuster-level adventure to create palpable excitement about this new partnership – the ultimate crossover we never knew we needed.

Insight & Strategy

Our mission was to form a seamless, super experience to link this everyday convenience store and Disneyland Paris.

Our strategy was to create an experience so enthralling and memorable that it would imprint profoundly into people’s minds in a manner that would impress Dr Strange. And, most importantly, Coca-Cola’s trustworthy presence was peppered throughout, so they associated CCZS with the unforgettable experience.


The “Best Corner Store” popped up in Soho, London over four days in March. Stepping inside the store, people were blown away by the full-size multidimensional portal rift that had exploded into our universe, sending the shop into complete disarray!

Met by the dishevelled shop keeper and the experts from the Marvel/Coke top secret tech team, our heroes had to crack the codes to find the limited-edition Marvel Coca-Cola Zero Sugar can, encased in a cryo chamber, of course. Then they could enter to win the experience of a lifetime – a trip to Disneyland Paris to visit the brand new Marvel Avengers Campus there.

Consumers marvelled at this one-of-a-kind experience, and we loved bringing every element of this project to life.


"Absolutely awesome! I'm a huge Marvel fan and this did not disappoint - such a great event and it's free. I was sceptical at first, but I'm glad I went in. The actors were amazing!”


% of attendees had an improved opinion of CCZS after the experience.


% of attendees more likely to purchase CCZS because of the experience.


total attendees.
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