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The challenge

To bring some Christmas cheer to Tesco stores at a time –Christmas 2020, during some of the severest restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic - when cheer was a sadly-lacking commodity.

Insight & Strategy

Christmas is usually a time for celebration, but theChristmas of 2020 was burdened by a raft of limitations and ‘living it up’ was one of them. Tesco was one of the few stores who were still open for business and we helped them plan some festivity to brighten the lives of the customers and staff.

Thousands of eager audiences deprived were of their festive fix: pantos were cancelled, door-to-door carol singing was out of the question. That meant two things: firstly, people’s spirits were low and also, the actors and singers who had lost their jobs due to the pandemic were still going to be out of work – and at traditionally one of their busiest times of the year.


We broughtChristmas cheer to 125 Tesco stores in the form of live pantomime performers, carol singers and musicians, who entertained customers in the store, those queuing outside to do the big Christmas shop and also store staff.

In doing so,Tesco lifted customers’ and store colleagues’ spirits, and generating income for the hard-hit entertainment sector, Tesco demonstrated its commitment to the consumer experience and proved once again that ‘every little helps’.


More than 1 million customers engaged in 125 stores

775 actors &musicians took part


actors & musicians




customers engaged
The End
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