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The challenge

In the summer of 2022, our client, Coca-Cola, focused its marketing strategy on music and their Above the Line campaign - 'Feel Every Beat of Summer'. They challenged N2O to create experiences across UK music festivals to bring the campaign to life in person. Our main objective was to strengthen consumers' association between Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with their leading passion point, music, raising brand love and awareness.

Insight & Strategy

With music and the target audience at the heart of our strategy, we created an experience around the concept of a giant boombox named BlastWaves. This hero piece provided an innovative way to embody the feel of music alongside the taste of Coke Zero.

A strategic customer journey enhanced the consumer experience, providing opportunities to engage in uplifting music activations and connecting them with the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar brand. Flight case sampling bins, recycling stations, interactive 'gig' posters, and attentive details to amplify the music theme ensured we exceeded the client's brief.


Activating at 12 festivals, we had the opportunity to engage 420,117 festivalgoers with our Coca-Cola Zero Sugar BlastWaves experience.

We hit every objective through strategic planning of the customer journey. The layout of each stand meant that there was a clear path for the consumer to fully immerse themselves in a memorable music-based experience dotted with chances to sample Coke Zero and recycle their used cans. The precisely mapped out Beat and Sound tunnels allowed festivalgoers to create their own tracks, deepening the connection between the brand and music. Plus, they had plenty of opportunities to snap and share their experiences on social media.



% of total festivalgogers enagaed 1:1


advocate referrals


samples distributed, exceeding our target by 127%
The End
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