Superdrug Presents 2023
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The challenge

Superdrug had a simple goal: to find a never-been-done-before way to engage and excite its target audience – Gen Z and Millennials – to make Superdrug their first choice for all things health and beauty.  

Welcome to Superdrug Presents, the UK's biggest health and beauty playground.

Insight & Strategy

Gen Z and Millennials live for real-life social experiences. They want to explore and try products in person without feeling pressured to buy. This is particularly important for beauty products where people want to see how products look and feel on their skin, hair or body.

8 in 10 Gen Z and Millennials say “being yourself” is the phrase that best fits their personal definition of beauty, and they value representation and diversity.

They crave anonymity in a world where privacy is a rare privilege. They are largely influenced by social media, even when looking for escapism from the online world. “Dopamine dressing” or experiences that spark joy are something they seek, with a big focus on fun with unrestricted exploration. They live for the now, with YOLO attitudes.

These insights became the pillars of the Presents experience.

Our strategy was to create the ultimate health and beauty playground. A decentralised multi-brand event that the target audience couldn’t experience anywhere else, away from the pressures of a typical retail environment. A highly shareable, consumer-focused adventure designed to allow people to discover exclusive new products through exploration, play, trial, and experimentation with zero pressure to purchase.


Our solution was Superdrug Presents – hosting a collection of 48 disparate brands under one roof in a health and beauty playground, giving the customers an experience never done before as it focused solely on them and their needs.

Thousands of beauty enthusiasts flocked to Superdrug Presents to explore their beauty. Attendees could roam the event experimenting with products and learning about new brands through playful immersive experiences. They chose their customer journey – from hitting the beauty bar for a luxe eyebrow threading treatment to finding the perfect shade of foundation in an interactive masterclass.

A DJ dropped the latest hits to create a pumping party atmosphere. There were spaces to chill, spaces to refresh, spaces to snap Instagram-worthy photos and spaces to get up close and personal with brands. Free samples were handed out like candy, with zero pressure to purchase on the audience, to nurture brand sentiment and give them space to try before they buy on their terms.

To top it all off, attendees could shop every product they discovered at Presents in the Superdrug mini store, linking everything back to the retailer. Plus, they walked away with a weighty goody bag worth over £300, prolonging the joyful play of Presents at home, with over 400 unpacking videos shared.



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