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To boost affinity, awareness and advocacy with Gen Z at AllPoints East: enhancing (not interrupting!) their festival experiences, in ways only Coke Zero could.

Insight & Strategy

Festivals elevate friend groups’ interactions beyond the ordinary. So, we started to connect the chaotic playfulness of Coke Zero’s campaign to a festival behaviour landscape: thinking about how this ad concept could generate moments of playful, memorable chaos between friends. Gaming had replaced IRL hangouts for our audience, meshing with friendships. So, we made digital play their ‘bridge’ back into real-world play, with surreal physical twists on retro games. Putting friend groups at the centre of the action, we brought the campaign’s visceral sonics to life as ‘reward’ sounds, becoming areal-world proof point of its dissonant mix of digital and physical play. Our game designs made the ad creative mean more: elevating what could happen between friends, in a moment of downtime.

Working with our in house strategists to understand the audience’s need for emotional and social value, our creative team  devised the Coke Zero Ahhhcade and created the entire visual identity for limited edition, retro-inspired games.


We hosted a once-in-a-lifetime play experience: bringing to life the taste of Coke Zero like never before, with limited edition games inspired by its unique vibe. Our engaging experiential stand delighted visitors at All Points East . As well as sampling Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, we also opened up a unique gaming experience that celebrated a feeling that’s beyond words (just like drinking a CCZS).

Games included a giant claw machine, themed like a Coke cooler, with players grabbing oversized cans from ice cubes against the clock.We also had an arcade-style 16-bit joystick game where players could select their character and direct them to collect the most Coke cans in our festival world to add to the recycling bins, receiving an onomatopoeic ‘ooohhh' and 'aahhhh’ when they succeeded. Festival-goes could  keep up with the beat set in ‘Tell me how it tastes’ by Tyler the Creator as they   popped the sound bubbles on our touchscreen or create and then catch  an ooohh and ahhhh face before it  dropped to the base of the screen in our Tetris-style game. A retro Insta-booooth created a gaming world, containing giant can sofas and neon graphics. Festival-goers could create content and share to win.

The back of our experience housed the iconic Coca-Cola fridge, the twist being that it was a secret door.  When attendees completed the games and redeemed their prize, they were given the opportunity to access our top deck

An ‘Open’ sign on the wall  indicated when our ‘secret door’ could be accessed.  When ‘open’, attendees could make their way up the staircase to access our exclusive top deck area, complete with the best stage views, seating and more chilled CCZS samples


The gamified experience put our audience into the centre of an Ahhhcade that brought to life the exhilarating feeling of that Coke taste through campaign sensory twists on nostalgic games. This resulted in  more than 6.2k festival merch prizes being handed out to our Gen Z audience, creating additional presence and awareness within the festival environment.


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