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The challenge

Getting people to upgrade from a product they’re used to is no easy feat. With Sure bringing out its new and improved deodorant, reworking Sure 48hour to Sure Nonstop Protection, it needed an experience to shout about it.

Our challenge was to get shoppers to switch to Sure Nonstop Protection by showing off the product’s superiority in Boots.

Insight & Strategy

66% of people say their deodorant has let them down, experiencing odour or wetness, and consider it a problem.

Sure developed the formula for Sure Nonstop Protection, the first-ever antiperspirant that uses microtechnology to release burst after burst of protection throughout the day. Essentially, this deodorant keeps working when other antiperspirants stop.

The ATL campaign was the Grey T-Shirt Challenge – showing that the antiperspirant keeps people’s pits dry all day. But how could we show that in-store without the presence of a Premier League footballer to act as a tester?

A huge beauty trend for 2023 is proving the efficacy of products – people want brands to show that they do what they claim.

So our strategy was to convey the efficacy of Sure Nonstop Protection with an experience to disrupt shoppers, opening up opportunities for conversation to promote the superior efficacy of the formula and encouraging sales.


Meet Mo and Usain, our two moving mannequins who starred in the Sure Nonstop Protection Boots White City takeover.

This dynamic duo powered a moving microbead window display, bringing Sure’s innovative microbead technology to life. Dressed in grey T-shirts to tie in with Sure’s Grey T-Shirt Challenge, they brought to life the superior quality of the new deodorant formula.

Mo and Usain enticed people in-store with their magnificent moves, where a DJ added to the atmosphere, alongside beautiful product displays inspired by Sure’s famous tick. BAs educated customers and drove them to purchase.


One shopper said, "I had to come in and get a photo with the mannequins - I've never seen anything like it. I

came out with a can of Sure too!"


% of people went on to purchase

The End
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