‘Will’ power: Celebrity appearance boosts UK product launch

No matter how many celebrities, influencers and VIPs we work with, we still get a thrill when we meet someone famous.

And you don’t get much more famous than Will Smith.

Just Water.

Just last week, N2O assisted with the UK launch at Boots of Just Water, founded in 2015 by Jaden Smith, son of Hollywood star Will Smith.

Jaden Smith initially kept a low profile at Just Water, which is committed to using renewable packaging materials and responsibly sourced water, as he wanted the company to grow organically.

But now that the brand is established in the US, a bit of star power was just the thing to make a splash with the UK launch.

Meet a star.

Will Smith made a surprise appearance at Boots Westfield White City, where he started with a special meet-and-greet for store staff. When the store opened, shoppers were shocked and excited to meet Will Smith – dressed in Boots uniform! – as he explained the benefits of Just Water.

What an experience.

And now?

Wondering if a celebrity ambassador or social influencer is right for your brand? Wonder no more – get in touch and we’ll talk about how you can boost the profile of your brand.

The End
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