Must Read Feed: Did you fall for it?

Have you noticed some strange goings on today? Well, in case you missed it, today is April Fool's Day.

From 'Vegan Spam' to Audible books for fish, there's been no shortage of bold brands getting in the foolish spirit. Although we are definitely (for sure) far too astute to be tricked by such shenanigans, these were some of our favourite pranks (to reiterate, we definitely didn't fall for any of them):

Honda - The Polite Horn

You know when you need to get someone's attention on the road but you don't want to be rude? Well, the ever-polite Canadians over at Honda have created the perfect solution: the polite horn. (Is the British version a horn that says sorry?)

Boden - Brexit Breton top ban

According to Boden, Breton shirts are the latest casualty of EU upheavals. The retailer claims consent has been withdrawn for it to continue producing the French-inspired sartorial top in the UK, and that anyone owning a Breton top will now need to apply for a special EU shirt licence to wear one or face a hefty fine. Boden is offering a thoughtful solution to customers: a mail-order stripe removal service, using a technique the company calls ‘the Bret-off’.

Tinder Height Verification

Tinder has trolled users by announcing plans to introduce a ‘height verification badge’. “Simply input your true, accurate height with a screenshot of you standing next to any commercial building. We’ll do some state-of-the-art verifying and you’ll receive your badge directly on your profile,” it teases. Which brings us back to the age-old question: does size really matter?

BMW - Lunar paint

Looking to “push the limits of electric driving”? BMW has you covered. From 1 April, BMW drivers will be able to add Lunar Paint as an optional extra to their i series vehicle. The product uses “revolutionary photovoltaic technology to harness the power of the moon and passively recharge your battery in the hours of darkness.” Given the market trend towards eco-friendly, well, everything right now, we could almost believe this one!

Amazon - Audible for fish

We've heard of leaving the radio on for dogs, but Audible books for fish? Amazon Australia is giving customers the chance to get their fish hooked on literature with Audible for Fish – a three-second audiobook designed to keep underwater friends company while their owners aren’t around. It says research has shown that marine life is stimulated by short bursts of audio. We wonder how they tuna in...

McDonald's - milkshake sauce pots

Love a sweet and savoury sensation? McDonald's are giving customers the chance to dunk n'shake with their latest product innovation - milkshake flavoured sauce pots! Customers are encouraged to grab a portion of chips or 6 (20) chicken nuggets and get dunking in the milkshake mix.

We're actually a bit disappointed that this one's not real.

Virgin Atlantic-  A sing-a-long

As part of an extension to the airline's 'depart the everyday' campaign, passengers will be encouraged to join the crew for in-flight karaoke.

Highlights of the schedule include a Saturday Night Cabin Fever disco on weekend flights, mile-high hip-hop during flights to LA and non-stop Sinatra on flights to New York. COUNT. US. IN.

Spam: Vegan Spam

With Veganuary reporting record-breaking figures this year, Spam has jumped on the plant-based wagon, by launching a new variation of its iconic tinned food. It's a no from us...

So there you have it - our round-up of the best April Fools Day pranks this year. Did you fall for any? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

The End
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