Face to Face Retail Experiences

The Human Touch.

Rediscovering retail joy through the power of face-to-face experiences.

Ah, the joy of walking into a shop, smelling the newness, and getting that rush when you find the perfect item! Remember that? Despite the digital age, good old face-to-face retail is making a bit of a comeback. And guess what? We've got the numbers to prove it.

Here's a fun twist: at the start of this year, brick-an-mortar shops saw a 9.4% sales jump, while online sales took a bit of a stumble, dropping by 8.7%1. Interesting, right? But when you stop and think about it, makes total sense. There's just something about the physical store experience that our screens can't capture.

Touch, taste and feel

Ever tried smelling a perfume or tasting a cheese through your laptop? Doesn't work so well! That tactile element—touching, tasting, feeling—can be the make-or-break factor in our buying decisions. For instance, in the food and beverage sector, allowing customers to sample a product can significantly increase the chances of them purchasing2. There’s something special in that hands-on, sensory connection that makes brands stickier and shopping trolleys fuller.

Discover and connect

In our digital-first world, we're all secretly craving a bit of old-fashioned human connection. Shopping can be a delightful escape, a chance to discover and connect. That face-to-face chat with someone who's passionate about a product is priceless. And here’s the best part: these lovely little chats aren’t just fun—they cement customer loyalty and boost repeat business.

Adventure and entertainment

Imagine turning a regular shopping trip into a big adventure. Sounds amazing, right? Around 62% of people are more likely to part with their cash when they encounter fun, interactive elements during their shop3. Think interactive games, engaging stands, taste tests, and chances to win prizes. That's how you turn shopping into a truly memorable experience!

Personalised service

Nothing against customer service bots, they definitely have their place, but they're no match for human charm. We, shoppers, are savvy creatures. We love genuine attention and expert advice. Making us feel truly valued is how you win our hearts (and wallets) for the long haul.

Bargain hunt like a pro

Let’s be real, who doesn't love a good deal? Over half of us Brits hop from one supermarket to another, keeping our eyes peeled for those unmissable offers. This presents a prime opportunity for brands to draw us in with captivating in-store experiences, then dazzle us with unbeatable deals!

So what does this mean for brands?

Brick and mortar, face-to-face shopping isn't just surviving; it's thriving. It’s about the senses, the community, the thrill of the hunt. Brands, if you’re looking to stand out in this busy market, let’s get personal. Dive into the magic of face-to-face. And let’s bring back the joy of shopping, one experience at a time.  

Clare James. COO, N2O. Lending her expertise to top names like Tesco.
When she's not geeking out over retail trends, you might catch her hunting for the next best deal in town!

[1] Nielsen
[2] Attest
[3] Global Data
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