Spotlight on: Social Media

Courtney Majeed, Social Media Executive.

Courtney Majeed has hit the ground running as one of the newest members of our Digital and Social Media team. She's been instrumental in managing the social channels for Studio London, and her business prowess has already proved valuable in identifying top influencers for upcoming social campaigns. With a background in beauty retailing, content creation and launching her own successful e-commerce business, this new talent’s a force to be reckoned with.

So Courtney, tell us briefly about your background and how you came to N2O.

I started working in Fenwick when I was 16, working across the beauty counters primarily for Benefit Cosmetics. I then moved to Boots as an Account Manager for Benefit, then later, No.7. I always had the sense that I hadn’t quite found the right fit workwise, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that I was forced (like so many) to consider my options.

With a few years of lockdown inspiring me to start an e-commerce business and try my hand at content creation, I realised that my passion lay in marketing, and that’s how I ended up here!

Let’s talk about the lockdowns – it sounds like a productive few years for you.

With shops closed, the pandemic gave me time to reflect and explore my options. What started as a hobby, creating wax melts and candles as a side hustle, soon became a fully limited e-commerce business, and the Premium Wax Store was born.

I made all the products I sold, first through Etsy and then later through Shopify, and I created all of the online marketing across social media to drive sales and engagement. So hearing that first “ka-ching” ping on my phone when I made my first sale was amazing!

That’s impressive! And you mentioned you also got into content creation.

Yes, as if running an entire business wasn’t enough, I got into YouTube, making fashion and beauty vlogs. I started doing a lot of “Try on Haul” content as that was trending then. Over time my channel has evolved with my interests, so it’s more of a lifestyle channel with more homely content. I’m all about positivity, so I want my content to feel attainable and uplifting.

So what have you been up to since you joined N2O?

I’m helping to manage the Studio London account. I’m working on the strategy and content ideas for the upcoming calendar, like an influencer campaign for the coronation. Later this year, we’ll also start shooting and filming content for their channels. Plus, I’m collaborating with the team on ad hoc campaigns too.

Can you sum up for us what the N2Ocial department does?

Influencer marketing is a massive part of it – and we have some exciting plans to develop our collaborations with influencers.

We manage social media channels for brands, from social strategy to content creation, to active engagement with followers.

Lastly, we support multi-brand events by coordinating influencers for launches, shooting content to promote the event and tracking online reach and engagement to inform future strategy and event success.

Tell us about some of your ad hoc campaigns.

We have a big one coming up for the last six months of this year with a big-name skincare brand. The brand asked us to source an influencer and their mother who best represented the brand and its values. That’s an essential aspect of matching the right influencers with campaigns – we have to decide if they uphold the brand’s ethos. And sometimes, the number of followers or level of engagement means nothing if they’re the wrong fit.

With this one, the brand is all about natural, clean beauty, so a lot of the influencers who’ve dabbled in skin enhancement treatments or are big into their make-up got discounted. In the end, we’ve matched the brand with the perfect choice, which we’re all excited about. Knowing I’m part of that campaign, from conception to delivery, is so rewarding.

What do you find the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

Seeing an idea come to life! I find it so thrilling that advertising is so much more accessible now - it’s not confined to getting leaflets printed and popping them through letterboxes. Creating a strategy, implementing it, and watching the response and rewards for brands is my favourite part.

The digital world constantly changes and adapts to people’s needs and wants. I don’t know what the next step is, but I’m looking forward to getting on board with it when it comes.

Have you found anything challenging so far?

Sometimes we get clients asking for specific influencers that don’t align with the concept they’re going for or their audience. Our job is to guide them with our expertise on which influencers best suit their aims for each campaign, so that’s sometimes a delicate balance to handle those expectations.

Who are your favourite content creators at the moment, then?

Ooh, I like lifestyle creators at the moment. I love Evangeline Olualu, Gemma Louise Miles and Becca Watson. I’m all about only following people who benefit you. So I’d always suggest that people only follow content that makes them happy. I live by it when planning ideas for brands – I want to create attainable positive content.

And finally, what do you like doing outside of work?

I love creating for my YouTube channel. I’m big into self-development, and I love Vex King’s books. Plus, I’m always listening to the latest episode of the Diary of a CEO podcast or Ella Ringrose’s content – she’s huge on manifestation. Other than that, I love spending time with my family.