Hosting Virtual Events

Hosting Virtual Events

In the hierarchy of communication, we think we might all agree that for best alignment, communication is done face to face where you can see, touch, feel and hear the experience.

However, as we were plunged headlong into this 12 month long human global experiment (thanks #Covid19), we’ve had to adjust our mindset and seek alternative ways to communicate with our customers, our colleagues and in our social circles.

As great believers in the power of the human interaction, N2O has supported our clients by hosting virtual events and driving fans for brands at home.

Top Tips

1. Think about the full experience, not just the event itself. There are many opportunities to build brand affinity and awareness pre and post the event as well as during. N2O offer a full 360 Virtual Events package that includes a strategy to optimise your KPIs before and after the event.

2. Create FOMO. Using paid and organic social channels send out content teasers and incentives for UGC before the event. After you can repurpose your content from the event to create FOMO for the next event.

3. Use physical sampling delivery to create a sensory experience and give time for your attendees to experience your product in the comfort of their homes.

4. Think about what you are trying to achieve with the virtual event before thinking about mechanics. For example, if you are wanting to drive online sales of a product, consider sending out samples for participants to try. Think outside the box, not being obvious creates more PR. N2O can help with this to make sure you achieve your brand objectives using a virtual event.

5. Consider sponsorship. There are many areas of a Virtual Event experience from N2O that can be branded, including the virtual event itself with pop ups. You could get the entire event paid for by sponsorships alone.  

6. If you are considering a physical event, always think about how you can extend reach outside of the area by creating a hybrid event and encouraging participation of the physical event online. N2O are experts in hybrid events and we can help you come up with perfect mix of physical and digital to make your real-world event global.

We have fine-tuned our Virtual Events Channel Strategy & Customer Journey so even as we enter the ‘new normal’, this blended strategy will leverage the digital familiarity mindset we have all gotten used to AND yield ongoing connectivity beyond just the event itself.

Running a virtual event should be simple, seamless and stress free and at N2O we have put together a package that delivers on these objectives.

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