Must read feed: Professional gamers fight for the family dinner

When it comes to dinner time, prying the kids off their games consoles can be the biggest hurdle to a family meal. For its latest marketing campaign, discount supermarket chain Aldi has enlisted a team of professional gamers to help make this job a little easier.

In the ‘Teatime Takedown’, parents can ask Aldi’s pro-gamers to join their kid’s game online, aiming to ‘take them down’ in time for tea. Of course, results may vary, depending on how skilled a gamer the child is!

The campaign sounds fun, but taking part does require some knowledge of online gaming. We’ll be interested to find out whether parents can understand how to find their child’s Gamer Tag – and whether they’re then willing to share it with a supermarket giant.

Much like Tesco’s ‘Free Fruit for Kids’ scheme, the Teatime Takedown is an example of a large brand demonstrating to consumers that it shares their family values.

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