Influencer Marketing 101 - It's about trust

In the final part of our influencer marketing series, we focus on the rewards of working with influencers.


An influencer is the best brand ambassador. They deliver something a star-studded advert or sponsored celebrity recommendation cannot: authenticity. Influencers build an audience of dedicated followers who trust their opinions and recommendations.

And authenticity is crucial: in a survey of beauty marketing specialists, 73% said the ‘digital-born’ generation (Generation Z) is pushing them to be more transparent and genuine.* When you work with an influencer, your brand gains authenticity by association – commonly called the ‘halo effect’.

Highly recommended.

Today's consumers are far more discerning and independent; a television advert or magazine promotion is no longer enough to convince them to purchase. Instead, recommendations are sought from friends and family – and trusted social influencers. In fact, in a joint survey conducted by Twitter and Annalect, 40% of respondents reported that they’ve purchased an item online after seeing a social influencer use it.**

The real thing.

In the age of online shopping, influencers have a key role to play in bridging the gap between retailers and consumers. Consider a product like makeup: unless you already know what you like, it’s hard to make a selection online, without trying the product or seeing it in action.

But watching a YouTube channel where your favourite beauty vlogger tries and reviews makeup products – that’s much closer to the real thing than a static, posed photo in a magazine. You're experiencing the product through the eyes of the influencer.

Big spender.

If you weren’t sure about the value of influencer marketing, this should convince you: the consumers reached by social influencers – that is, social media users – tend to spend more money. They’re also more likely to pass on recommendations to family and friends.* Sounds like the perfect customer!

*Source: ‘Influencing Beauty’, Celebrity Intelligence

**Source: AdWeek

The End
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