Spotlight on: Business Strategy

David Cross, Business Information Director

Today we sat down with N2O stalwart David Cross, who has taken on a new role as Business Information Director.

What does your department do?

The objective of the role is to provide quantifiable insight and results to measure the success of campaigns for our clients - that way we’re equipped to provide the highest quality strategies that drive results for all future experiences.

What does your role involve?

I analyse data to identify what promotion mechanics work best. I compare measurable metrics against ROI, consumer surveys, and brand experience to garner insight into the suitable mechanics for each campaign. That way, N2O has the power of objectivity in our decision-making across all departments. Basically, we can make better-informed decisions to produce the best work.

How long have you been at N2O?

15 years! When I started, the company was relatively small, so I took on responsibility for campaign and sales roles. Over my time here, I’ve dabbled in nearly all the departments; I’ve been a Campaign Manager, Business Director, and at one point overseeing the Warehouse and Ops team. As a result, I have a very broad understanding of the company.

What was your route to it?

I was born and bred in Birmingham (proper Peaky Blinders style). I went to London University, Queen Mary’s College and received a First-Class degree in Physics. I studied under Patrick Moore for astronomy, who was so passionate and engaging about his subject, which sparked my love of data science.  I worked in accountancy back in the early 90s, and then as a healthcare sales rep in Birmingham selling pharmaceuticals. From there, I moved into healthcare diagnostics – igniting my interest in analysis. N2O’s CEO, Terrence Woodward and I went to school together back in Birmingham, so when N2O started growing, he gave me a call, and the rest (as they say) is history.

What does the future hold for your department?

I live by the saying “when the rubber hits the road”, and that’s what I'm providing within my role – testing out our theories and ideas, proving what works. The main target is to discover the best creative insights to create the best campaigns that are fit for purpose.

I improve screening processes for our Brand Ambassadors, putting into practice methods to find the best BAs out there and reward them for their work so that we’re providing the top internal service possible across all fronts. We already have an incredibly skilful team, and I want to continue to create trainings that utilise our talent pool best, using my wide experience to support Campaign and Creative.

I’m also working alongside Nigel Clifton (Head of Creative) and Steven Workman (Strategy Director) to devise a way to measure experiential events. We’re driving to become leaders in analysing this field, measuring success to inform all future campaigns.

All this will empower our teams with the tools to achieve above and beyond every time.

What is your most satisfying project so far, and why?

We have a brand-new project brewing which I can’t say too much about, but it’s one of my proudest achievements with N2O. It’s a programme we’re creating to make data analysis clean and clear. The theory behind it is that with more data, we get more information to develop the best strategies, meaning, as a company, we can do so much more!

What do you like most about your job?

The people. N2O has such a talented, personable team that inspires me daily to strive for the top. These guys really are a force to be reckoned with!

And, finally, what are your interests outside work?

I met my wife when I was 16 years old, and we have two daughters. They are my greatest success in life. I’m a die-hard Aston Villa fan, so my main passions are family, football, friends and beer!

I’m a keen gardener and love tending to my lawn on my sit-on mower. I’m also built a home out in Portugal, where I spent most of my childhood holidays, so it has a special place in my heart and is my happy place.

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