Stunning portraits honour newly commissioned officers

Daniela Guglielmetti, our talented in-house illustrator, was given an incredible and rare assignment last month, drawing portraits for newly commissioned officers at the Royal Military Academy.

Daniela, who also works on freelance projects as 'The Drop-In Artist', shared her story with us:

"I studied illustration and fine art in Spain and later in my career led a weekly portrait group where we were invited into people’s homes. The project lasted for five years and gained coverage on radio, TV and in newspapers."

"The opportunity to draw for the Royal Military Academy arose when I met a former Sandhurst graduate at a Rotary Art show, where I was also drawing portraits. After seeing my work, he recommended me for this assignment."

"Attending the Commissioning Ball as an illustrator was a fantastic experience. I met 15 newly commissioned officers and captured their personalities in the form of a portrait, which was a lovely way of commemorating the event and honouring their achievement. The officers were delighted to receive a life-like portrait, as they thought there would only be time for a quick caricature."

"I was proud to be able to add something special to the experience of these officers, and I hope to be invited back!"

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