5 brands that are nailing the customer experience

We love to see brands who go that extra mile to put their customers first. Here are 5 brands who knocked it out of the park.


Lush replaced tills with Android-powered tablets at their flagship London store, so staff could roam around, and customers could check out anywhere in store, giving them an easier and less time-consuming experience when purchasing.


When guests pick up their tickets at Walt Disney World, they can receive a badge which says why they’re at Disney, whether it be a birthday, retirement, or first-time visit. Despite an average of over 50 million visitors walking through the gates every year, Disney still aims to treat each guest individually.

Disney also realises that one of the biggest customer pain points is the waiting times, so visitors can now schedule rides to skip the queues. Top marks.


It’s no secret that we’re in a golden age of TV. But Netflix knows that, rather than wanting access to an overwhelming amount of choice, what customers actually want is personalised recommendations and a more tailored selection. By collecting huge amounts of data on its customers, Netflix helps people find their new favourite shows, and can even create original content that has a high likelihood of being enjoyed by customers.


Amazon’s customer obsession is well known. CEO Jeff Bezos even goes so far as to reserve an empty chair ‘for the customer’ at many meetings – making it impossible to overlook them. It’s not just about services like free two-day shipping or streaming movies; Amazon also has a responsive service team that is empowered to respond to customer complaints with gift vouchers and free months of Amazon Prime if needed.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger’s concept store in Amsterdam – reopened in January this year after a redesign – is a slick example of the in-store customer experience. As well as a modern design aesthetic and high-end fixtures, the store features interactive monitors that allow access to the brand’s entire online collection, as well as showing customers different looks and the items within each. A customisation area offers on-site personalisation options such as embroidery. Tommy Hilfiger are clearly prioritising the customer experience – and rightly so. As CEO Daniel Grieder says: “You have to give customers a reason to come into the store.”

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