Spotlight on: Creative

Today we've talked to Nigel Clifton, Head of Creative Services to find out more about what he gets up to at N2O.

What does your department do?

We form insights and audience understanding that helps us to understand our client’s customer behaviours. This enables us to create relevant and engaging creative ideas and experiences.

How does it do it?

We are a curious bunch that question everything. That way we can create strategies and creative ideas that excite and work. We start with a brief (the tighter the better) and use it as a springboard into possibility. Initial concepts are shaped and honed by the creative directors. These are then shared with the wider team to be presented to the client. Once a route has been chosen, we craft the concept, creating a visual approach and style that aligns with the brand’s guidelines and tone of voice. Finally, we create artwork to deliver to production so that the ideas can be built (both physically and digitally.)

What does your role involve?

Head of creative manages the department. Creating an environment and way of working that allows creative minds do what they do best.

How long have you been at N2O?

3 years

What was your route to it?

I was a creative art director at EHS for 8 years then became a CD on Tesco, Microsoft, BMW and many more. I was promoted and was ECD of Havas EHS (now Havas Helia) for 3 years. Leaving there I went to M&C Saatchi, working as a CD for LIDA on IKEA, John Lewis, Boots and O2. My jump into experiential was a tenure of 4 years at Whynot! Where I was ECD on Heineken, blu and Arla. A few years as a consultant creative strategist and then N2O.

What piece of advice would you give somebody who’s just joined the business?

Always be curious. Ask questions so you understand what is possible. This will enable others to do the same.

What do you like most about your job?

It isn’t a job!

And, finally, your interests outside work?

Riding my gravel bike,  photography, painting, eating and beer. I don’t do many of them as I have a 4- and 6-year-old!!!

The End
More coming soon!