The Positive Presence of Screens in Retail Brand Experiences

I always get excited when discussing a campaign that incorporates digital screens. Why? Because in our hyper-digital world, they represent an untapped potential in retail branding.  And if retailers aren’t using them to enhance their brand experiences, it begs the question – why not?

Thanks to their inherent allure and fun factor, digital screens are dynamic, versatile and highly effective in optimising experiences that tackle brand and retailer challenges.

Their presence in any activation (especially retail) offers a plethora of benefits to brands. When brands combine the versatility of digital screens with the longevity and memorable mechanics of in-person experiences, they can leave a lasting impact on customers.  

Here are my top reasons why they’re a positive presence in all brand experiences:
1. Multi-sensory experience

Screens act as the perfect partner to complement in-person brand campaigns, adding an extra layer of interactivity. Strategically placing them alongside sampling stations allows brands to captivate customers’ attention with a multi-sensory experience.

Showcasing enticing visuals and interactive content helps shoppers immerse themselves in the world of the product or brand, nurturing deeper emotional connections.

2. Enhanced customer engagement

Digital screens provide customers with a highly engaging and eye-catching platform to interact with. In an era where screens are ubiquitous, people naturally want to play with them - they want to touch, swipe, press, and explore.

As a result, brands can enhance their in-store experiences by engaging customers in a whole new way. They can deliver bite-sized, digestible content about hero products to support the information supplied by brand ambassadors, injecting life into their usual retail experience.

Screens can display interactive tutorials or demos to show off features and functionality. This helps shoppers make informed purchasing decisions and enhances their overall understanding and appreciation of the brand.

3. Data-driven insights

Digital screens provide retailers with a game-changing opportunity to capture valuable customer feedback. Whether to get product or brand experience feedback, brands can easily create plugins to gather insights.

But here’s where it gets exciting. Leveraging this feedback over time gives brands a deep understanding of their customers’ desires and needs, allowing them to fine-tune their strategies for optimum impact.

4. Targeted advertising

Analysing the data gathered from digital screens allows brands to supercharge their targeted advertising efforts. They can reach the right people at the right time and place. Whether the focus is on geolocation, time of day or customer demographics, the precision given by digital screens guarantees a memorable impact.

This data-driven approach allows brands to optimise every advertising pound for maximum ROI.

Integrating digital screens is the cherry on top of an in-store experience. Combining the tangible, sensory nature of trying products first-hand and the power of technology allows brands to amplify their message and engage customers more profoundly. They are a cost-effective solution that elevates the customer experience while offering deep insights to brands. So let’s bring on the digital!

Rubens Pereira is Digital Project Manager at award-winning creative brand experience agency, N2O.

The End
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