Milani appoints N2O to grow UK social media & influencer marketing opportunities

We're delighted to share that makeup brand Milani has chosen N2O’s social media and influencer marketing service, N2Ocial, to bring a real-world focus to all its activities.

We'll deliver a range of services as part of N2Ocial, including channel strategy, paid content, customer service and day-to-day influencer liaisons for Milani's Instagram account. We'll also manage Milani’s influencer and press outreach for 2021, which includes monthly seeding (sending out products), building influencer and press relationships and seeking out coverage opportunities.

Milani started from humble roots in East LA and grew as a family business. Its mission is to deliver prestige quality products at affordable prices that fit the needs of every skin tone, attitude and ethnicity.

Peter Stockdale, General Manager of Milani International, says: “We are excited to embark on this new journey with N2O – we trust their expertise in building real time and true connection with consumers will be the key to Milani’s success in 2021.”

Sally Macmillan, N2O's Head of Talent Management, says: “Studies show that 80% of influencers don’t create engaging content. That’s a lot of wasted energy and budget – and we think brands deserve better. We use experience to make social real: real people, real feelings, real results –tracked and optimised. Modern audiences crave experiences, and N2Ocial’s expertise gives them what they want, building a level of brand connection you can’t fake."

"In a nutshell, N2Ocial delivers real-world results that really matter.”

Call Sally Macmillan now on 07808 647 972, or email, to discuss or book your next influencer campaign.

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