Ins & Outs for 2024!

Several key trends will be shaping the marketing landscape of 2024. With the rapid advancement of technology and shifting consumer expectations, this promises to be an exciting year for brand marketing.

2024 Ins

Harnessing the power of AI

The role of AI will continue to be pivotal. Marketers will use AI algorithms to navigate and analyse data swiftly, providing insights into customer preferences and behaviour. Brands can curate personalised, real-time content that will resonate, in addition to enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction. AI will continue to refine customer service approaches and optimise pricing strategies, all while elevating the quality of interactions consumers have with brands.

Next level personalisation

Brands are using customer data analytics and AI to better tailor and personalise content, product recommendations, offers and experiences. Emotional connections will play a crucial role in fostering a sense of exclusivity and connection with customers.

Elevating the experiential

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will create immersive brand storytelling and interactive content to engage customers in an increasingly dynamic way. Brand marketers will create collaborative experiences with memorable brand interactions, leaving a lasting impression.

Versatile video marketing

Video content is an increasingly important way for brands to talk to their audience. Short-form videos, live streaming and interactive content are powerful tools that can help brands stand out and connect with their audience. They’re easy to interact with, entertaining to consume, and quick to share.

Cultivating communities

Brands embracing ethical and sustainable values will resonate with consumers. There’s a shift towards purpose-driven branding, in response to the growing demand for brand authenticity and responsibility. Making meaningful efforts to build and interact with communities, to deepen these connections, will attract and retain a loyal and socially conscious customer base.

Niche influencers, maximum impact

The influencer trend continues into 2024, but with greater emphasis on brands seeking out influencers with specialised expertise in their niche areas. We’ll see more brands aligning with credible subject matter experts, leveraging micro-influencers for flexible content and maximising cost efficiencies through influencer activations. This will expand brand awareness and gain fans from that influencer’s audience, whilst fostering authenticity and relevance for customers.

2024 Outs

It’s not just price

Just keeping prices low isn’t the only thing shoppers crave in 2024. High-quality, consistently delivered touchpoint experiences providing meaningful encounters far outweigh low cost, and work to ensure consumer loyalty and brand growth.


Successful brands will move away from tactics that disrupt the user experience, such as pop-up ads. Those prioritising transparency, purpose and social responsibility will stand out from the crowd. They’ll provide a consistent, integrated experience whilst showcasing their values, embracing diversity and inclusion.

Advertising masked as content

Brands that fully understand their audience and relate to them in a way that resonates, will be more successful than those targeting their audiences broadly and with high frequency. The emphasis is to find the best way to get the most reach, but also the right precision. Worth noting that prioritising consumer trust and data protection are increasingly vital when building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Quantity over quality

Vanity metrics don’t necessarily count unless you can be sure your audience is genuine. If your followers are real, and they engage and believe in your brand, you can build a meaningful relationship and stand a better chance of converting them to long-time customers. 2024 will focus less on numbers, and more on retention and engagement rate as a better indication of how a brand is doing.

Expecting results from one campaign

Consumers are aware that influencers promote products because they are paid to. As customer demands shift and social media channels transform, the role of influencers will change too. Partnering with someone who organically engages with a brand will resonate more within the social media community. Over time this means more content is shared, encouraging greater engagement and sales.  

A single path to success

Brand marketers can no longer rely on following a step-by-step linear marketing process. A marketing ecosystem enables brands to create an integrated plan. The emphasis is to create a more cohesive customer journey where the entire process is tracked and optimised from awareness through to conversion.

With trends like AI, video dominance, sustainability, and hyper-personalisation shaping the industry in 2024, brands need to be adaptable, forward-thinking and customer-centric. Incorporating these will be vital in shaping strategies and ensuring brand relevance in a rapidly evolving market.


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