Influencer Marketing 101 - Who are the influencers?

In 2019, the number of social media users worldwide is predicted to reach 2.77 billion. The time to embrace influencer marketing is now.

In Part 2 of our influencer marketing series we look at the people behind influencer marketing – the influencers.

Follow me.

Influencers create content (videos, blogs, photos etc.) and use it to amass an audience across social media. While big-name celebrities use traditional media to build an audience, social influencers grow and nurture their audience primarily through the internet.

Social influencers usually don't have the sheer follower numbers of their traditional celebrity counterparts; instead, they have specific, niche followings that allow for much more targeted marketing.

Find your niche.

A chef in Bristol who has become the go-to for quick vegan recipes. A young Londoner whose cool personal style has encouraged others follow her as a trend icon. These are examples of social influencers who could help you find the perfect audience for your brand.

And it's not just food and fashion: some of the biggest social influencers right now include American beauty mogul Huda Kattan, British health and fitness coach Joe Wicks, and Swedish game commentator PewDiePie.

If you can think of it, you can find a social influencer blogging about it - and you can work with that influencer to get access to a targeted demographic.

Content creators.

Because influencers rely on their content to drive success, they become experts on what works. This makes them a valuable asset to your brand when you're looking for marketing content. And remember, paying influencers for content is not a one-time investment; the content can be reused again and again. Investing in content from one or two influencers that embody your brand identity and align with your target market is a cost-effective method of gaining marketing materials. In fact, according to research from Linquia, 58% of marketers believe that influencer content outperforms their professionally produced content.

Star power.

And don't forget the power of celebrity. Amongst their target audience, social influencers can become celebrities in their own right. As well as reaching their followers through social channels, influencers can bring star power to your live events, attracting fans, press attention and even other influencers. And a queue of excited customers just desperate to meet their hero is bound to intrigue other customers.

If you think influencer marketing could take your campaigns to the next level, talk to us about finding the best match for your brand.

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