Why brands and retailers need Field Marketing right now

We've recently seen a positive shift in terms of planning for In-store Sampling, Experiential and Active Selling, with brands and retailers optimistic about Q3 and Q4.

Right now, there is a more immediate opportunity: using Field Marketing to raise customer awareness and create a safe and comfortable shopping experience as lockdown eases and customers return to store. It couldn’t be more relevant.

Make it easy for customers

The scene is set by the store and shelves looking attractive and being easy to shop. The maximum number of brand and product variants are displayed, backed up by relevant POS (Point of Sale) and SEL (Shelf Edge Labels) sited correctly, enhanced by relevant promotions. Customers can find what they’re looking for without stress, and are tempted to make other purchases along the way.

This is just one of a range of Field Marketing solutions that collectively allow brands and retailers to maximise price promotions and sales opportunities and (bottom line) improve their return on investment (ROI).

Make it easy - for you

For 20 years we have collaborated with leading UK retailers and brands to deliver In-store Sampling, Experiential and Active Selling, which work hand-in-hand with our Field Marketing solutions to generate incremental sales and increase ROI for brands, and in turn, retailers.

By considering every opportunity to optimise sales - whether that involves actions at the front of store, in the back office or at the displays - we give you a watertight, end-to-end approach to in-store marketing. So you know you're not missing out on revenue.

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