January 18, 2018
What is experiential marketing?

Glad you asked.

Experiential marketing uses live experiences to stir emotion, activate sensory memory and build an emotional connection between your brand and your consumer.

Whether it’s a pop-up outdoor cinema, a Christmas market or a treasure hunt at the local supermarket, experiential marketing reaches and engages your target market in a memorable, emotional and tangible way.

The key? Long-term thinking.

Experiential marketing looks further ahead than tomorrow’s sales figures. By building a long-term relationship between consumer and brand, experiential marketing ensures continuing loyalty and custom.

A tall order? Perhaps. That’s why you need experiential marketing experts (hint: us). We make sure our experiential marketing campaigns resonate with consumers and add value to their lives. Giving consumers a genuine benefit inspires good feelings and loyalty. There’s no shortcut to building that positive relationship.

The bottom line.

That's all very well, but what about results? We know how important ROI is when determining your marketing mix. Although it’s true that experiential marketing’s far-reaching effects on buyer behaviour can be difficult to quantify, we use a whole range of factors to build a profile of your campaign’s success, giving you the numbers you need. These measures include sales uplift, brand perception, product understanding, social media activity and engagement figures. Trust us – we’ll get results!

Image: Sure Festivals

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