Showcasing the latest tech at the DMA

The DMA invited us to showcase how we’ve been using the latest technology to enable recent nationwide N2O campaigns at their Creativity, tech and a new future for agencies event.

In the Creative Technology Live Showcase segment, we featured some emotion-evoking virtual reality (VR) tech, demonstrating how we use it to provide immersive brand experiences.

Our Felix VR experience which is currently touring Tesco stores across the UK, was demoed first. In this experience, we invite attendees to wear the VR goggles for a peek into Felix the cat’s world as he stalks around a living room and interacts with various objects.

We were extremely proud to also showcase our thrilling and lifelike mixed-reality experience, combining VR and simple real-world props (inspired by a popular VR game Richie’s Plank Experience) to recreate a scenario where attendees could ride an elevator before walking out onto a narrow plank high above a busy city, invoking a very real sense of height and danger.

Judging by the screams, wobbly legs and flat out refusals to walk the plank, the combination of high quality 3D visuals, ambient sounds, climate change simulation (wind from a fan) on exiting the elevator and finally a wobbly plank (wooden plank and memory foam), this is one extremely convincing virtual experience!

We enjoyed every moment showcasing how N2O are already using VR to bring brands to life for our clients and are excited about how we can adopt tech on future campaigns.

Take a look at more photos below:

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