Our experiential symposium

It’s no secret that we love everything experiential, so our recent immersive experiential symposium here at our globally-themed Head Office in Maidenhead was a great opportunity to showcase what we love and do!

We invited guests to travel the time zones of the world’s most inspiring and leading cities, to enjoy interactive sessions to experience the latest innovation and technology in experiential marketing, and hear from insightful industry experts:

Gandys flip flops

Inspiration from Rob Forkan, who told us about the journey of his brand, founded to support underprivileged orphans after the 2004 tsunami. You can read more on the company’s history and story here.

Katie Pix’s guide to influencers

Katie gave an insightful understanding as to how influencer marketing can give back to your brand. Katie engaged us about how influencer marketing can be of real value to brands, and what they can expect in return.

The future of robotics

The power that bricks and mortar premises bring to sales was explained in this high-tech session by robot experts MIO. We learned all about how robots could be employed in the place of people to streamline processes and offer a more dynamic customer experience.

Our Creative Director, Heather Devany then shared experiential insights to conclude the day, with some engaging perception tests to immerse our guests.

If you’d like to understand more about the experience behind shopper marketing, and ways to further enhance your offering, with an experiential workshop run by us, contact us now.

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