Influencer marketing: the 101

During her presentation at the N2O Client Experiential Symposium, one of our guest speakers, Katie Pix, posed and answered her FAQ’s “Frequently Assumed Quotes!” which give some great insights:

How do you make money on YouTube as a content producer?

1. YouTube advertising - Those ads that run before a piece of content

2. Sponsored content - Naturally using products that lend themselves to the content

But why would a brand invest in someone who makes a video in their bedroom?

1. Influencers cut through the crowd - in a world where content production is in overdrive, it’s nearly impossible for brands to cut through the noise and stand out among the crowd. That’s why turning people into brand advocates who can move the needle on consumer decisions makes a lot of sense for today’s brands.

2. People no longer trust ads, but they do trust people - it’s the ‘real-life’ of the influencer that masks the hard sell of the product placement and embeds your product as part of a genuine lifestyle.

3. Word of mouth - I’m not a fictional character or A-list celebrity, my viewers see me as a friend. Did you know that 92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source and word of mouth generates 2 times the sales of paid advertising? (Deloitte & Mckinsey)

4. I’m not just a talking head - when you find the right influencer who has a genuine passion for your brand/product, the positive sentiment of the ‘advert’ goes through the roof. It’s not Jenny, a part-time waitress/actor, who has been scripted to love what you do.

5. There’s a dialogue - when your 20 second advert airs, it’s been and gone in that moment. ‘Katie Pix’ is a community driven by conversation and your product becomes part of that ongoing, active dialogue.

My brand has nothing to do with your brand

1. Influencers are selling lifestyles not pocket watches!

2. When you are a Social Media influencer, people are largely invested in YOU as a person, rather than you as a chef, or makeup artist, or prankster, and are often more open to a product that fits your life-narrative rather than your talent.

3. Yes, some brands are naturally a better fit than others (it would be very organic for me to have a deal with Hotpoint, Asda or Hellman’s) BUT listen here, what about…

Land Rover – a road trip around UK to find the standout dishes of each region.

The National Trust – a picnic series creating helpful packed lunch recipes to enjoy in one of their 618,000 acres of land.

Gillette Razors – a Valentine’s day special, showing the quickest romantic dish so you can focus your time on getting ready!

Alton Towers – thrill seeking recipes using extreme ingredients, the sourest fruit, hottest chilli etc. and a giveaway to win Alton towers tickets to keep your adrenaline pumping.

Tinder – romantic recipes for your first date.

Odeon – recreating recipes from the movies.

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