Face-to-face: Reaching the student market

Looking back at our tour of university freshers weeks across the country, we find ourselves delving deeper into the valuable market segment of the fun-loving, hard-working student.

It's a significant segment too, with over 2 million students currently studying at UK universities (supported by over 400,000 staff).* For many, this major life event is accompanied by another big change, as students start to live on their own, away from the comforts of well-stocked fridges and home-cooked meals.

Or do they? Some reports suggest that university students aren’t living up to the stereotype of ready meals and beans-on-toast, swapping them for home-cooked meals and fresh ingredients.**

How students shop.

When students encounter a brand or product for the first time, they’re looking at key brand messages, product manufacturing and ethical values – the ethos of the brand is as important as the product itself.

Experiencing a product and discovering a brand message in the flesh is an effective way to reach students, and can help forge lasting impressions and trust towards a brand.

Take advantage.

Face-to-face interaction is a value heavily supported by students, who spend nearly 30% of their time socialising.** Experiential campaigns create a fun and engaging atmosphere for students and create positive talking points, often carried over to social media by those who want to share these experiences with their friends.

And Brand Ambassadors, who are fluent in the key brand messages, can answer questions about a brand on campus, rather than students having to wait for an automated email or search a website.

We've got loads of ideas about how to reach students with your key brand messages, so let's talk!


* 'Patterns and trends in UK higher education 2018', September 2018, Universities UK

** 'The truth about students', 2013, Creative Orchestra

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