Face Plant: The growth of vegan beauty products

We all know veganism is booming. The Economist went so far as to declare 2019 the year of the vegan.

But did you know it’s not just about food?

Consumers are more concerned than ever about what’s going in their body, but they’re also thinking about what’s going on it, fuelling a sharp increase in both the demand and supply of vegan beauty products in the last couple of years.

And before you ask, it's not just in niche retailers and online boutiques; it's right here on the high street. In January, sales of products from Superdrug’s own-brand vegan range, B., increased by up to 750%. Last month Primark announced PS…Naturals, a new range of vegan skincare. And Boots.com reported a 56% increase in vegan-related searches this year.

But this boom hasn’t come out of the blue. It’s simply the continuation of the trend towards the socially conscious consumer. Last year, IGD’s Shoppers of the Future report named socially conscious consumption one of five key shopper trends to 2025.

When 60% of under-35s claim that concern for the environment will be more important to them in the next 5-10 years, this growth in vegan beauty should come as no surprise.

If you've got a vegan beauty brand, you'll know that there's only so far you can go with billboards and TV adverts. Experiential marketing is exactly what's needed so consumers can try - and fall in love with - your brand. So get in touch today!


*Caveat emptor.*

If you’re looking to consume more vegan beauty products yourself, remember: ‘Vegan’ refers to products that contain no animal-derived ingredients. ‘Cruelty-free’ means products that haven’t been tested on animals. There’s plenty of overlap between the two, but one doesn’t necessarily imply the other.

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