Don’t mess with a Christmas experience!

Campaign has asked: ‘Should the Coca-Cola truck be parked for good to combat the nation’s obesity crisis?’ and, well, bah-humbug, we don’t think so!

Oh no it shouldn’t! For us, the Coca-Cola truck is so much more than just a fizzy drinks lorry. Afterall, it’s no coincidence that Father Christmas wears red and white – those guys/gals at Coca-Cola pretty much invented his modern-day outfit, right?

Holidays Are Coming! Launched in 1995, thousands of Christmas-o-philes in cities and towns across the UK flock to greet the truck as it spreads festive cheer on its nationwide tour. Its arrival and the experience it brings (and those oh-so-recognisable TV ads), mark the beginning of the festive season for many.

Whatever next? Young or old, the truck brings out the nostalgia of Christmas in us all. Whilst the growing problem of obesity is undoubtedly concerning, we won’t have its cause pinned solely on one of our favourite Christmas institutions! Next there’ll be calls to cap the size of Quality Street tins, an embargo on mince pies and the prohibition of trifle. And we won’t be having that either!

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