December 1, 2017
Christmas on Oxford Street

Along with the honeyed notes of Mariah Carey wafting infectiously over the radio and the release of the annual John Lewis advert, the arrival of the festive high street window display is a sure sign that Christmas is upon us.

As Europe’s busiest shopping street, Oxford Street is the epicentre of the window display, and its iconic department stores lead the charge. Every year it’s an arms race in which each store tries to outdo the other with more sumptuous, surprising, creative or controversial displays. Outperforming your neighbour is crucial during the busiest shopping season of the year.

And it’s not just about showcasing products; your display should tell a story about the store and the season. What do you want people to feel as they are drawn into your store? What mood or emotion should they carry in with them?

As a designer, I love the creative opportunity presented by the window display. At this time of year, with the sun setting mid-afternoon and the store lights shining out onto the dark street, windows are the perfect exhibition space in which to execute a creative vision that draws the eye, captures the heart and – all being well – inspires a bit of Christmas spending.

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