5 train station brand activations to inspire

High footfall? Check.

Diverse demographics? Check.

Average dwell time of 17 minutes*? Perfect!

Just three reasons we think train stations provide the perfect location for brands to activate.

And we're not alone. Check out these inspiring examples of station activations from around the world.

Weigh This (Lean Cuisine)

To shift their positioning away from dieting culture, Lean Cuisine encouraged women to measure their accomplishments, rather than their weight - causing an overwhelming response. The #WeighThis installation at Grand Central Terminal brought the campaign to life, with an artist sketching people's answers in real time on scales that were then mounted on the wall.

Dance with Me (La Trobe University)

This campaign for used technology to raise awareness of the benefits of dancing for sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. At some of Melbourne’s busiest train stations, interactive billboards invited people to dance, activating motion detectors which triggered a virtual person, Anne, to begin dancing too. A fantastic way to share the key message.

Cereal Splashback (Ben & Jerry’s)

Ben & Jerry’s put a giant cereal bowl filled with plastic balls in the middle of New York’s Grand Central Terminal at peak commuting time and asked passers-by to jump into it.

You might think it would be difficult to get busy commuters to stop, but it seemed they couldn’t resist the unexpected opportunity to indulge in something so unexpectedly fun.


NYC in Oslo (Norwegian Airlines)

To promote its nonstop flight to New York, Norwegian Airlines transformed an Oslo metro station into a New York subway in a fun one-day stunt.

The makeover turned the station into a Times Square hub, with everything from billboards and New York cops to American football players, a gospel choir and a hot dog stand. Part experiential marketing, part publicity stunt - all creative and unforgettable.

Ice cream on the subway (Blue Bunny)

Ice cream brand Blue Bunny brought fun to the commute by setting up a free ice cream bar in a Chicago subway station. During the height of summer the ice cream bar was the perfect way to refresh. The station was transformed with creative out-of-home signage, an art-inspired ice cream ceiling, a beautiful confetti bar stocked full of Blue Bunny treats, an Instagram-worthy photo area, and comfortable seating.


*Average across major UK stations, via Network Rail

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