The Purrfect Playlist: Spotify introduces Pet Playlists

With the UK predicted to spend an astonishing £7billion on pet care this year, there’s no denying that we’re a nation of pet lovers. From pet advent calendars, to pawsecco (that’s pet prosecco, to all you non-pet owners) we just love sharing experiences with our pets. In fact, we love it so much that 51% of brits would rather cut back spending money on themselves than on their pets*.

But why stop at pet-icures and matching coats?! Music giant Spotify discovered a strong relationship between pet owners and music, with 71% of pet owners playing music for their pets and 80% believing it helps them relax. Phew, it’s not just me.

So, as a self-confessed (and only slightly crazy) cat-lady, I couldn’t wait to test out Spotify’s latest feature, the Pet Playlist.

You have to have a Spotify account to join in (Just imagine the acquisition figures😍), but once you’ve registered and/or signed in, you’re halfway to being your pet’s favourite person furever. Or at least I hope so.

Once you pick your pet, you’re prompted to tell Spotify more about your pet. This includes their name and questions to get to know your pet. Don’t worry, this doesn’t take long.

After you’ve answered your questions, Spotify serves up a purrfect playlist for your pet to enjoy.

Pet activations can be notoriously challenging (what do you do when your customers would rather not taste your product?) But with innovations such as this, we can't help but get excited over the opportunities to blend experiential and digital and continue the customer experience at home.

Now, whether Mellow Meowsic stops Betsy-bear running around like Usain Bolt after 3 espressos at 3 in the morning I’ll have to let you know.

*Source: Mintel.

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