Pop-ups to hit new highs in post-COVID marketing mix

A recent article from trend analysts and insight experts Stylus has pointed to a new significance for pop-up stores and experiences.

Enforced lockdown has reduced consumer horizons, bringing about an increased focus on the local, the community, the neighbourhood. This is the perfect opportunity for brands to use pop-up venues as an outreach to local communities. Temporary brand spaces are key to making connections between online and real-world communities of consumers, whether they're beauty fans, gamers or sports addicts.

And from a brand love perspective, now is the time to support and acknowledge local communities. In fact, Stylus reports that 'Pinterest searches for "support small business" jumped by 350% from late February to early March 2020, asserting the value of overtly localised retail concepts'.

The pandemic has also contributed to the continuing evolution of urban spaces, which are set to be more flexible, transitory, agile environments. And with UK pop-up space listing company Storefront claiming that pop-ups are approximately 80% less expensive to launch than traditional retail space, they're an attractive choice for brands who may be rethinking their marketing budgets in the wake of the COVID-19 disruption.

At N2O, we create physical and digital events that make fans for brands, wherever they are. So if you're planning a pop-up, you've come to the right place. Get in touch today and you'll be amazed what we can do together.

Source: 'Post-COVID Pop-up Perspectives', 11 Jun 2020, Stylus.com

Header image: Lynx Airport Groom Bars by N2O

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